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Timber  Creek Petting Farm is a federally licensed facility.  Our founder has been licensed to care for animals for almost 20 years.  We were so excited to open to the public here at the farm! It is has been a new experience beginning fall of 2018, but caring for animals and educating the public is not a new thing. We have been educating at schools, libraries and more for the past 20 years!

We  have also been taking in unwanted animals throughout the years.  In fact, we have taken in or placed over 65 animals! All expenses were paid out of our own pocket! Why? Because we have a true love for animals and it is our passion to share that love with others.  When it comes to the more exotic species on the farm it is our hope that the up close experience leads to a concern for the conservation of all species of animals!


Important information....


1.5 hour time slots

$200 for up to 10 people

$20 per additional person

Under 2 years is free

Military and Senior discounts.

We will provide some feed and have extra available for purchase.

Birthday Parties are welcome to book- $400 for up to 2 hours. We provide a gift bag for birthday child, some feed for animals, tables and space for cake and food which you provide and we can provide all the paper products. 


Our farm is also our residence.

Please drive past house and left at the barn to reach parking area.


There are narrow areas of the driveway so please be courteous and move over when necessary.


Thank You!!!

What our visitors are saying

The kids loved the animals as did the adults. Would highly recommend visiting!

Erin Howard, visitor

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